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Mission Statement 


The Central Coast Phillies are a competitive organization built on the development of our players. We will not "win at all costs" and put players health in danger. We strive to offer the highest quality coaching and provide the best Reps possible during practice. We will always try to play the highest level competition and push our players to compete to their max potential. 

Parent Contract 

One Warning 

Second Offense - Coaches decision to remove you from team

Players effort, attitude, language, uniform

Parents In Game communication to players, coaches, and umpires

Monthly payments on time

Parents / Team Mom is responsible for hotel room blocks and other team events. 

Issues / Complaints 

Must wait full 24 hours to reach out to a coach. 

There should be zero "Monday morning" complaints

Text or Email Coach to set up phone call or meeting at practice. 

Do not call out of the blue, coach needs time to prepare his thoughts. 


Refunds only if we fill your spot with a paying family.

If your son doesn't appear in one full game, you'll receive a credit based on what we charged for that tournament.

(Full Fee / # games)

Team Fundraising 

Families can fundraise as much as possible to reduce team fees.

Must run ideas by Elliot or Alec so we're all on the same page. 

Business Sponsors 

Families can reach out to businesses to sponsor tournaments or donate to the program to reduce fees. 

We'll give them the proper recognition based on what they give / want from us. 

# Players 

All Teams 12 players max.

No practice players / selecting rosters., 

Coaches decision to add guest players if less than 12 available.

Playing Time

We will hit all 12 players in pool play. 

Defensive positions  will be structured for guaranteed playing time in Pool Play.


Playoffs & Championship will be "play to win" on defense.

Coaches decision on 9 to 12  hitters in Playoffs & Championship game. 

Practice Time / Guarantees 


All Players Hit in Pool Play Games

Coaches Decision on 10-12 Hitters in Playoff and Championship

7 Inning Scrimmages

All Players Hit 

Guaranteed 2 Innings on defense 

Double Header Scrimmage (12 - 14 Innings)

All Players Hit

Guaranteed 1 Full game on Defense 


Summer Lifting 

Tryouts All Ages 

Fall, Spring, Summer


Cage Rentals 

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