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Strength training sessions are run by Alec Smith (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist). Sessions will focus on a mix of Speed, Agility, Plyometrics, and Strength. 

First 2 Fifteen (2024 Dates TBD)

Third annual strength and weight gaining competition! Players will compete over the summer to gain 15 lbs. Initial weigh-ins will be the week of June 5th. Competition will end on August 10th. This gives players ~10 weeks to stay focused on their nutrition. The winner is the first player to gain 15 lbs. Players should aim to gain ~2lbs per week. This is a healthy weight gain if players are pushing themselves in the weightroom and eating properly.

What I have seen over the past few years is that kids do not realize how much food they need to eat in order to gain weight and build muscle. This obviously varies based on metabolism, but players who are undersized (which is majority of kids) need to consume a lot of calories to gain weight. This challenge is great for kids to start focusing on their nutrition and they will learn a lot about how their body responds to food intake. 

The goal is for players to get 3-4 workouts per week. We will structure 2 group times during the week which will be ran by Alec Smith and/or Michael Sison. Michael is also a certified strength coach. If a player cannot make a group time, he will be responsible for getting into the warehouse on his own in order to make up the workout.  Players will weigh in at the warehouse weekly.

Sessions run 60-75 minutes. The number one priority for my groups is that players LEARN how to lift SAFELY. All athletes will receive a workout sheet that they will be responsible for writing down and tracking their progress. Plan on being 15 minutes early to sessions in order to properly warm up / roll out / prepare for workouts

If you are competing in the competition remotely, the workouts will be sent to you weekly. Plenty of gyms offer summer deals for high school kids. Look into your options if you cannot make it to the warehouse! Weigh-ins will be need to be sent to Alec weekly or done at the warehouse when you make it. 


In Person Training- 350$


Remote Training - 200$

All players participating will receive a Phillies strength training hat.


The winner will receive a custom wood bat from Central Coast Bats!


Introductory Strength Group (6th-8th grade)

Wednesday's 4:00-5:00

Please text or call Alec if you are interested in this group. I would like to put a group together soon.

Cost: 15$ per session

Sessions run 60 minutes. Players will go through various speed, agility, change of direction drills. Introductory plyometric drills are used to challenge athletes in their body control and help transfer their strength into power. Weightlifting begins as very simple push, pull, squat, and hip hinge motions. As athletes progress with their form, the workouts can be more intensive. The #1 focus of this group is to LEARN how to lift SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY.

Personal Training Sessions

Contact Alec Smith for availability 


60 min sessions - 60$

Sessions will be tailored to the specific athletes needs. We will talk about and set various attainable goals (weight, strength, baseball related, etc.) I recommend 4 sessions in order to run through multiple workouts and hammer down proper form and movement.  

Phillies Basic Program CLICK HERE


Alec Smith - (661) 794-3600 - Text or Call 

Strength Training
Braydon Hoier Deadlift
Andrew Raab Front Squat
Braydon Hoier Front Squat
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