Strength training sessions are run by Alec Smith (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist). Sessions will focus on a mix of Speed, Agility, Plyometrics, and Strength. 

Winter and Spring Schedule

Highschool Baseball (9th-12th grade)

All workouts will be "float in" style due to time conflicts. Players can workout whenever it fits in their schedule. I will still be able to observe and answer questions during workouts. New players will be required to run through at least 2-3 workouts with me personally (or until I feel comfortable that they can be on their own). We will bring back group sessions after the spring season. 

Cost: 70$

Sessions run 60-75 minutes. All athletes will receive a workout sheet for the month that is programmed specifically for the time of year (In-Season Phase, Post-Season Hypertrophy Phase, Pre-Season Strength/Power Phase). We set weight gain/loss goals and discuss the best ways to reach those goals. Plan on being 15 minutes early to sessions in order to properly warm up / roll out / prepare for workouts

Highschool Softball (9th-12th grade)


Tuesday's - 3:30

Friday's - 3:30

Cost: 100$ per month

Sessions run 60-75 minutes. Similar style to the high school baseball group. 


Introductory Strength Group (6th-8th grade)


Please text or call Alec if you are interested in this group. I would like to put a group together soon.

Cost per session - 15$

Sessions run 60 minutes. Players will go through various speed, agility, change of direction drills. Introductory plyometric drills are used to challenge athletes in their body control and help transfer their strength into power. Weightlifting begins as very simple push, pull, squat, and hip hinge motions. As athletes progress with their form, the workouts can be more intensive. The #1 focus of this group is to LEARN how to lift SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY.

Remote Programming

Have a home gym or don't have the ability to get up to Paso regularly? I will program a workout for what you have available. I would still like to have players participate in a session or two in order to correct form and go over workouts. Please contact me for more information!


Program Cost - 50$ / month

Personal Training Sessions

Contact Alec Smith for availability 


60 min sessions - 160$ for 4 Sessions

Sessions will be tailored to the specific athletes needs. We will talk about and set various attainable goals (weight, strength, baseball related, etc.) I recommend 4 sessions in order to run through multiple workouts and hammer down proper form and movement.  

First to 15 Challenge 2021

This was an ongoing competition over the summer. The winner was the first person to gain 15 lbs starting on 6/14.  



Alec Smith - (661) 794-3600 - Text or Call