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Central Coast Fall Showcase 

Powered By Central Coast Phillies 

October 6

Paso Robles High School

4:30 - 8:30pm

*if you cant make it by 4:15 to check in, let us know. 


Dynamic Stretch

60 Yard Dash


Defense Instruction w/ College Coaches 

Defense Evaluation - Outfield, Infield, Catchers

Batting Practice - Field and Cage Circuit 

Coach Pitch Scrimmage 


*Pitchers will throw 20 - 25 pitches max

*Pitcher Only's arrive at 7:00


EXPECTED College Coaches:

*We will highlight schools in green when confirmed. The goal is to have a mixed group of coaches from every level. A coach from each level will talk about their division, conference, and give recruiting advice. 

Whether you want to go to these schools or not, coaches talk and word spreads. Some of these coaches may not be at their current  school by the time you get there. Impress as many coaches as you can.

Cal Poly


St Mary's

Fresno State

Fresno Pacific

Menlo College

CSU Monterey 




Monterey Peninsula 


Phillies Players $200

(Played Summer Ball w/ Phillies. Registered for Fall League and/or Wednesday's @ CP)

Non Phillies Players 


Phillies Pitcher Only 


Non Phillies Pitcher Only 


*Pitcher Only's arrive at 7:00. Expect to throw at 8:00.



Venmo ESBaseball805 Here

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